Alsatian Consulting LLC is a a small, Veteran-owned cybersecurity consulting firm that focuses on giving clients the right information and tools to utilize technology in their daily lives.

What Does Alsatian Mean?

Technically it means from the Alsace region of France. In the Early 20th Century, the German Shepherd Dog was known as the Alsatian Wolf Dog. As connections with wolves made the dogs seem unfavorable, the name was changed to the German Shepherd Dog. When looking for a name for my company, I thought of things that sounded good, and also reflected the things that are a part of my life, and my German Shepherd, Belle is very much a part of that. Since German Shepherd Consulting wasnt as catchy, I chose Alsatian.

Alsatian Consulting can provide a wide variety of services to you and your organization.

Core Competencies :

  • Wireless Penetration Testing
  • Open Source Intelligence
  • Social Engineering
  • Identity Management
  • Hardware Recommendations
  • Consulting and Advice

Contact for information on what services we can provide for you!